Company Property Policy Agreement

Perhaps you would like to introduce a directive requiring reimbursement by employees for lost and damaged business property. Refunds are usually made through deductions from the employee`s paycheque. Use an exact language in the agreement. Generally speaking, these are only equipment or objects damaged by gross negligence or deliberate action by an employee, not a break in routine. You may be allowed to deduct from the last paycheque any expenses, equipment or uniforms that were not returned by an employee who leaves or is fired. In all cases of deductions, loss or damage, it is essential that the employee has signed a company agreement on this Directive. An employee can transfer company data to their PC to work outside the office on company activities. In this situation, the business ownership agreement generally refers to the destruction of confidential material by the employee, not the physical destruction of property. If your company includes research and development, the agreement should include retaining the employee`s computer information so that your company can save all files and creative data. Intellectual property or proprietary information can be more valuable than any device used by employees, including company vehicles. A company ownership agreement should contain a confidentiality agreement regarding that property or the employee should sign a separate confidentiality agreement. The confidentiality agreement often provides for a non-competition clause, so an employee must comply with it for a certain period of time after leaving the company or firing. Employees in your company can have access to all types of company property, including devices that go home, such as personal digital assistants and smartphones.

Each employee should sign a company ownership agreement to ensure that all property used by a worker is taken into account and to describe any liability of the employee in the event of loss or damage. Ownership agreements include not only tangible assets, but also intangible assets such as intellectual property. In addition, keys, promotional materials, lists, software and any other tools an employee would use should be returned. Once the job is accepted, some departments require new employees to sign a tool return agreement or that the cost of replacing a new tool be billed from their last paycheque or as a separate invoice at home. An employee has 10 days to return and/or pay for tools that are not returned. Although your lawyer must check all of the company`s ownership agreements, a standard agreement usually provides that the employee returns any property before leaving the employment contract. The employee must not reproduce the property or intellectual property and not pass on this property to third parties.