Ups National Master Agreement

April 29, 2019 As UPS Teamsters awaits review of the retroactive salary increases they owe, there have been a few questions about Teamster`s fee rates based on members` hourly salaries. The management of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in Washington, D.C. officially announced today that they will not evaluate […] December 4, 2017 On Friday, December 1, 2017, UPS informed Teamsters that they intend to implement a 70/8-day week for driver delivery hours in accordance with DOT regulations. The following letter was sent by International Brotherhood of Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa to UPS Chief Executive Officer David Abney on August 23, 2018 The following three videos take you on a tour of UPS`s financial situation, which we hope will help our members reflect on their decision to vote on the proposed UPS agreement. The videos were collected by Local 174`s Director of Communications and Research, Jamie Fleming. […] 29 June 2018 Since last week`s agreement in principle with UPS on the national UPS agreement, negotiations on endorsements have been planned. As stated in the update of the previous contract (21 June), endorsements must first be resolved and approved by local UPS unions. This week`s update will be put to the […] The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has compiled and published the UPS Southern Region Agreement.

The version, which appears in printed contract books and will be provisionally available in the summer by IBT notification, will be published as a reference below. February 5, 2019 Ups Teamsters, which are covered by the Upstate and Western New York Supplement, have ratified the agreement. The vote took place in recent weeks and the votes were counted today. Four other supplements remain on hold: Central Pennsylvania; West Pennsylvania; Local 804; 243 Metro Detroit. The national agreement can only enter into force if all […] 18 March 2020 Agreement will be concluded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic Teamsters Joint Council 28 today, message that, after high-level negotiations between Teamsters and UPS Management, several agreements have been reached, which will be useful to our members, how we all navigate the covid-19 pandemic together. The first address a […] An Open Letter to 174 Local Members to UPS (Secretary-Treasury Rick Hicks) As you have all heard, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has reached an “agreement in principle” with UPS management on the National Contract Section. This is not called an “attempt to agree” since we continue to […] August 1, 2018 Negotiations began in December 2017 and the parties met over a seven-month period before reaching an interim agreement on 12 July. The negotiations were extremely complex and difficult. The economic and commercial information was requested and collected by the company.

Some of this information consisted of sensitive internal company information that is covered […] December 14, 2018 Ups Teamsters, covered by the Supplement Trailer Conditioners, Inc., (TCI), voted today in favor of approving the agreement. The vote count was 61 in the right and 45 against. The TCI supplement is the first of six outstanding additions to be approved by members in a new vote. Members of TCI repair trailers and are […] February 13, 2017 UpS Negotiations, the nation`s largest private contract (WASHINGTON) will lead – Sean O`Brien, International Vice President, has been appointed Director of the Teamsters Packages Division. The division represents more than 250,000 upS and UPS Freight members. “I am pleased to appoint Sean O`Brien to lead our package division team if we […] August 9, 2018 Local union leaders representing UPS and UPS Freight Teamsters met today and approved the two separate interim national agreements that pave the way for electronic members voting from next month.