Cupeu Collective Agreement

51.01 Within thirty (30) days of agreeing to amend an article, its text is available in English and French. 27.03 A Patent and Copyright Committee (PACO), consisting of four (4) persons, two (2) designated by the employer and two (2) appointed by the association, are created as needed. Substitutes must also be appointed in the same way. The PACO is chaired by a president-elect by mutual agreement between the association and the employer. The Presidency is a fifth member of the PACO who can only vote in the event of a tie. The quorum consists of the five (5) OCAP members or alternates. 51.05 On request, the employer makes available to a member a printed copy (1) of the agreement in his or her preferred language. (g) inconsistencies between the terms of the collective agreement and the terms of the external funding or sources of research contracts are reconciled by written agreement between the parties. 43.06 If, for the duration of this agreement, Concordia University is fully or partially consolidated, merged or merged into another department, school, university or component of a higher education system in Quebec, but merged, the current bargaining unit within the meaning of this agreement remains separate and this agreement remains fully in force and effective. 27.10 The employer is authorized to sign and, if necessary, negotiate any agreement on all grants, contracts and other agreements that involve funds, sponsorships, research aids of any kind, in cash or in kind. With respect to the negotiation and adoption of conditions in a grant or contract, whether public or private, the employer ensures that the principles of academic freedom defined in this collective agreement are respected. All intellectual property rights arising from a factory-funded work, financed by a grant or contract, are then subject to the terms of that grant or contract. 27.20 An explicit reference to the dispute resolution procedures in this article is considered to be contained in any marketing agreement with the member, whether it is an independent invention or a qualifying invention.

(a) In accordance with the provisions of the Labour Code, there may be no membership strike or lockout by the university during the currency of this agreement. The CUPEU General Assembly will be held on 2 December at the Nouvel Hotel for the adoption of the interim budget for 2014. Issues relating to the Christmas grievance, the new collective agreement and retroactive pay could also be covered. (e) No member arrested is awarded more than twelve (12) training courses over a period of two (2) years, unless this is provided for in Article 16.12 (a) or by mutual agreement under Article 16.04 (i), provided that the surcharge is compensated by a corresponding reduction in the academic year immediately before or after the two-year period. (s) members appointed under ACs or SPs are subject to the provisions of this collective agreement, including, but not limited to, the provisions of Article 21 (complaint), Article 22 (complaint and arbitration), Article 27 (intellectual property) and/or Article 37 (failure in academic research and scholarship), if any. (a) a member; who has fulfilled the obligations and obligations set out in this article, After consultation with the Dean, you will inform up to two additional courses planned and available for a scholarship that will be modified as follows: 16.03 In accordance with the procedures established by the academic unit and by mutual agreement with the faculty member, the heads of the academic unit and the dekanes, academic tasks may be assigned and exercised in other academic units.